Mission & Vision

We use the very best that nature has to offer creating the highest quality pharmaceutical grade CBD available to purchase. We spent a great deal of time searching for the best farmers in Colorado that specialize in Cannabis and Hemp genotypes and resulting phenotypes. We did this as we wanted to use only domestically grown Hemp plants as many other CBD produce use inferior imported CBD oils.

Vertically Integrated

After identifying which combination of strains would provide the highest level of CBD potency these plants were crossbred to give us the CBD that is currently used in all Smart Life products. Once we have our crop we use the C02 extraction method to extract the CBD, this is the cleanest plant extraction in the industry. 

We are“vertically integrated”not a term all CBD sellers can use.We take great personnel pride in the products we sell, overseeing the entire process. We are farm to you! From the fields, to the processing, to the lab to your health. This insures the quality and purity of our products that are backed up by third party testing of every product.

"We have a simple mission here at Smart Life - Provide the Highest Quality, Safest, Purist and most effective Full Spectrum CBD products on the market. Experience the difference: be Healthy and stay Healthy."- Smart Life CBD


To define CBD simply, it is the acronym for cannabidiol and is one of the most well-known chemical compounds found inside the cannabis plant aside from THC. Unlike THC however, cannabidoil does not produce the psychoactive effect that has become commonly associated with marijuana nor many of the other symptoms. In other words, they are both cannabinoids but one is distinctly separate from THC meaning that they are different substances.

Explore CBD?

We encourage you to explore just what CBD is and what it may do for you. The web is full of information to help you explore CBD and its uses. Remember that here at Smart Life CBD our CBD is of the highest quality and controlled from seed to actual end product. We use the more expensive and cleaner extraction method C02 to help ensure the quality of our product.

Do you accept returns?

Absolutely! We at Smart Life CBD stand behind our product 100%! If you are unsatisfied with the products you receive or if our products are not 100% what we claim them to be, simply return the unused portion and you will be fully refunded. It’s just that simple! We’re offering this guarantee because we truly want this to be a risk-free option for you. Try it. If you don’t like it, just email us at any time during the first 14 days and we’ll refund you 100% of the products purchased upon safe return. It’s that easy!


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