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Have you ever wanted to start your own eCommerce business, but don’t know what to sell or how to sell it? Why not CBD?

The market is gearing towards a 22-billion dollar industry and you can own a percent of that without using your own $$$! How, do you ask? Good question…

Smart Life CBD has a structure where you can earn up to 20% of all sales by just going to this website and creating an Affiliate page. You will automatically get a link that you can share with family, friends, co-workers, people who follow your social media and etc. Obviously, the more sales you get the more you earn! For example, our Affiliates average $4,000.00/month and some make more than $20,000.00 per month! Now, will everyone make that much? probably not, it really comes to you being consistent, we know the product sells itself after the end-user actually tries it. It’s up to you to keep posting and making people understand the benefits of CBD. The money is great and that’s why you’re on this page, but the benefits are even greater. You’re going to be helping many individuals change their lives with our products.

Now that you’re on board, what’s next?

Once you create a profile (with the link above), we’ll reach out with an email that has a short video explaining what CBD is. This is for you to educate your clients. Remember, the more knowledgable you are about CBD the more people trust what you’re saying and the more people trust you, the more people purchase from you! We’ll also send you a file with photos and videos you can share on your social media pages (make sure to tag our accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @smartlifehempcbd to make your post more credible).

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