Thank You, Veterans

My name is Nick, a proud Army veteran of over 15-years. My Army career began as a Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT). During my campaign, I advanced into many different positions: Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection, Army Special Forces Communications Sergeant in 3rd Special Forces Group, Senior Communications Sergeant on a Military Free Fall Team (HALO) ODA3434, Specialized Unit within 3rd Special Forces Group called the Commander’s In-Extremis Force (CIF), and finally ended my campaign with ODA3222 there as a Senior Communications Sergeant and an Assault Cell Leader.

Throughout any military career, injuries are a given and medical treatment is objective; you were given two options: Motrin or Opioids, depending on how much physical pain you were in. Traditionally, many would take Opioids to mask the injury and later becomes an addiction problem for many Vets. When you see a veteran struggling with substance abuse, don’t think he or she wanted that for their life, we’re just limited. When we all began the military, our intentions are pure, defending our country and being good, honest, and genuine humans, not addicts.

On a personal note, I was too given Opioids and it began to take a toll on my life. Being addicted to Opioids is like taking a revolver, placing it in your mouth and pulling the trigger, you never know when your last day will be. Finally, I decided I’d rather suffer through chronic pain than let it take my life. I had more to live for and more people I can help.

After my military career, I served my community as a Sheriff Deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. During my time, I heard some of the guys talking about CBD’s and how it’s helped their lives, so I began my research. I reached out to a few buddies at the Sheriff’s Department and they all recommended Smart Life CBD. I looked up their website and everything checkout, COA’s were there, their integrity was there, they support veterans, and all public employees and students.

They’ve helped many people who were suffering through something that I just had to give them a shot. Once I received my package, I got a pamphlet that explains what CBD products they have and other information, they also sent me some samples to try. Once I tried the CBD oil and muscle gel I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t believe how well it worked, let alone how fast-acting it is. Later that night I slept for 8-hours without pain for the first time in over 20-years. After my first week, I couldn’t believe how I felt, pain-free, sleeping better, changed mood swings, depression-free, anxiety-free, reduced my inflammation and much more.

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